Version 3.6.3 Released!

December 4th, 2009 | Tags: , , , , , , ,

As promised, here is version 3.6.3. A few bug fixes (see below) in this release, though not really a big update.


  • Fixed profile module and accented letters, only checks for valid UTF-8 encoded string now.
  • Fixed armory/recruit/guild module and accented letters, should now generate the same unique key regardless of what part of the script is actually generating it.
  • Fixed the table structure of the talents and recruit SQL tables.
  • Switching between talent specs while using Internet Explorer should now work correctly.

Update Procedure

The upgrade should not be all that difficult, just a matter of overwriting some files and possibly recreating the SQL tables, depending on whether or not you recently installed 3.6.2 or ran the table fix script I posted. Simply overwrite the following files and then run create_table.php, if your SQL table structure is incorrect (you would get PHP errors, if it was). All files are located relative to your wowhead directory.

  • ./armory.php
  • ./includes/wowhead_profile.php
  • ./js/armory.js.php

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