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No major additions or fixes in this version just a small fix related to PHP in safe mode and the object module. See the upgrade procedure for more information. Update Procedure Simply overwrite the files listed below and you’re all set. There is no need to recreate the MySQL tables, as there were no changes [...]
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It gives me great pleasure to release version 3.6.8 and finally (hopefully) put to rest some of the bugs that have been plaguing me lately. Fixes/Additions Completely removed all traces of the log module. Will return in version 4, which will be yet another complete rewrite. Added object module. Functions the same as the quest [...]
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Thanks to bluwolfee from the support forums I have been able to write the installation instructions to allow support for EQDKP version 1.3.2f, I did not test this on version 1.4.0 BETA. You can check them out here.
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Fixes/Additions Fixed NPC module not displaying the map properly when using a zone’s ID. Upgrade This release only fixes one bug, so in order to upgrade all you need to do is overwrite ./includes/wowhead_npc.php and you’re all set. If you haven’t modified ./config.php to fix the $whp_modules array then that fix is also included. Special [...]
Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 at 11:49 | 0 comments
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Fixes/Additions Fixed misspelling in wowhead_itemset.php. Added zones module which will, when given a name or ID, will display a map of that zone when moused over. As per user request, I have added the ability to display the location of an NPC. Its function is similar to the zone module. A SQL table was added [...]
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Version 3.6.5 has been released to fix a couple of issues related to 3.6.4. The upgrade process is just a matter of overwriting a few files. Bug Fixes Fixed debugging display in the armory and guild modules. Item sets should now display properly whether using ID or name. Fixed SQL table structure. Fixed Blizzard changing [...]
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I present to you version 3.6.4 of my beloved script. Not many new features, just some bug fixes and I also cleaned up the code a bit more. Changes/Fixes Added a toggle (spoiler) to the itemset display similar to what the craftables have. Added the new Icecrown Citadel achievements to the raid progression portion of [...]
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World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.3.0: Fall of the Lich King The latest patch notes can always be found at Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Halls Looming over the stark wastes of Northrend, Icecrown Citadel awaits those who would see the Lich King and his Scourge brought low and the threat they pose wiped from [...]
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Professions Enchanting Enchant Weapon – Black Magic: This enchantment now sometimes increases haste rating for the caster rather than inflicting the caster’s target with a damage-over-time effect. It is also now triggered by landing any harmful spell rather than inflicting damage with a spell. Enchant Weapon – Unholy: This enchantment now inflicts Shadow damage in [...]
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General Icecrown Citadel All three wings of the 5-player dungeon are currently available for testing. Select encounters in the 10- and 25-player raid dungeon are available for limited testing. Additional Icecrown Citadel raid content will be made available in future test builds. For more information and testing schedules please visit our Test Realm forum: [...]
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