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With some help from Rob I was able to install and test the script on the vBulletin platform. So now vBulletin is fully supported and known to work with the script. I have written some installation instructions which are located here, and I am going to modify them with more detailed instructions on how to [...]
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This release fixes the issues with spaces and apostrophes in the names and/or realms of entries for the guild and armory modules. There were also a couple of minor fixes to the craftable and cache modules. You can download it here. Report bugs by e-mailing me or use the bug tracker (preferred). Please leave feedback [...]
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I have released version 3.6.1beta of the script with the completely rewritten armory and guild modules, along with cleaning up the code in the other modules to PHP5′s class standards. You can get this version from the download page. As always if you have any problems you can e-mail me or use the bug tracker.
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I am testing my new myTouch 3g from T-Mobile. It runs Google’s android os and so far I absolutely love them both!!! I have installed an app that will allow me to post on the site and mess around. I have not had the time to work on the script as I would like, but [...]
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