WoW Realm Status Plugin

Update: September 19th, 2009


Realm status pluginThe plugin is based on the one by Ryan Cain, but I heavily tweaked the code and added a few features. Currently it supports as many realms as you wish as long as you separate them with a comma (no space after) when you originally setup the widget.

The other major addition to this plugin is a realm status page. It displays a page similar to WoW's realm status page, except it sits nicely on your site anywhere you like. To add it to any page (I would recommend its own page, its a rather large table) simply use the [realmstatus] tag. You can see a working version here.

ToDo List

  • Rewrite the widget code for better functionality.
  • Add support for EU realms. Added in version 0.4
  • Clean up the code a bit. Coming when I get my main computer fixed.


You can download the plugin from its page on it's WordPress Page.