Update: September 20th, 2009


This plugin will take triggers that you give it and when it sees the trigger in the content of a post it will replace it with a link to the URL you provided for that trigger. The name "Linkerator" comes from a WoW addon called GFW Linkerator, which performs a similar operation inside of WoW.

The plugin will check if the URL you give is a valid URL (using cURL or a valid e-mail. If an e-mail is provided it will automatically include the "mailto:" in the location. Validation is done with Perl Regular Expressions, to check the syntax, and cURL to actually check if the URL exists, by reading the response headers.


Note none of these examples have an <a> tag. They are added on the fly by the plugin.


  • WoW or wow (notice "wow" doesn't trigger the plugin, triggers are case sensitive)
  • WordPress
  • contact me (spaces are okay)


  • e-mail me works, but not email me


You can download the plugin via your plugin manager or by going here.