Version 3.6 Beta 4 Released!

November 1st, 2009 | Tags:

Okay as promised via Twitter here is version 3.6 beta 4 of the script. The biggest addition to the script is the gearlist parameter added to the armory module. This will query the armory for the gear list and then query Wowhead to generate the tooltip. Enchants, gems, and set bonuses do function in this implementation (see image below for an example).

The gear list isn't actually queried until you click on the "Gear List" link provided to keep page loading times to a minimum. AJAX (via jQuery) is used to not interrupt the rest of the page and keep things neat and clean.


Simply add the gearlist parameter to the armory tags. For example:

[armory gearlist]Lockslap[/armory]
provides the results in the screenshot.


Gearlist Example


As always, you can download beta 4 from the downloads page.


You can report bugs or submit questions/comments by e-mailing me or use the bug tracker (preferred).

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