Minor Version 3.7.3 Released!

Minor Version 3.7.3 has been released to fix an issue related to the global for the database prefix. The only changed file was config.php so the upgrade procedure couldn't be any easier.

Files to Overwrite

All files are located relative to the wowhead folder.
  • ./config.php (be sure to edit it first)
  • ./includes/wowhead_cache.php (optional)

Upgrade Procedure

Simply edit ./config.php to your liking and reupload it to your site, ensuring that you overwrite the current copy. I would also suggest deleting your SQL tables. Optionally, you can overwrite ./includes/wowhead_cache.php to add a check to make sure the global WHP_DB_PREFIX exists before proceeding.

Download: http://www.wowhead-tooltips.com/downloads/
Support: E-Mail Me or Support Forums (Preferred)
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