Version 3.7 Released!

January 8th, 2010 | Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

As promised, here is version 3.7 for your enjoyment. Lots of fixes, changes, and additions in this version. This version marks the initial release of the enchant module which will treat enchants similarly to craftables, to stop people from trying to use the craft module to work with enchants, which it won't. Also included in this release is the faction module, which took me quite some time to write. It is by no means perfect, but its a good start to get it tested in the real world and see how it does. The installation procedure has changed as well, so make sure you pay close attention to the upgrade section below. Hopefully, you guys (and gals) will enjoy it. If so, please consider donating or click the ads you see on the site. Also, consider adding your website to the site database.


  • Added the enchant module.
    • Enchants will now function similar to the craftable module.
    • Two new SQL tables were added to store this information in the cache.
  • Added the faction module.
    • Faction information is pulled from Wowhead and displayed in the tooltip.
    • Faction rewards are also pulled and displayed in a toggle, via an external PHP file ./external/faction.php.
    • SQL table created to store this new information.
  • Changed how the SQL tables are created.
    • Rather than having to run create_table.php, the script will automatically create the SQL tables when it detects that they are not currently in the database.
    • Make sure you run delete_tables.php so that the script can properly detect the lack of tables and create the new SQL structure. More on that below.
  • Removed JavaScript files no longer used by the script.
  • All config variables in config.php are now enclosed in double quotes (") to prevent escaping problems.


The proper way to upgrade to version 3.7 would be to simply do a complete reinstall. There were numerous changes to most of the files, so simply overwriting a few would not work. Also, the SQL table structure, along with how the tables are created have changed, so a full install is required. The SQL tables are now created automatically when the script first connects to SQL and does not find the tables. In light of this, you must run delete_tables.php to remove the SQL tables, so that the new table structure will be created. Do not report errors on the forums because you failed to delete your old tables so the new ones could be created. I will simply point you to this post.

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