Version 3.6.2 Released!

November 26th, 2009 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

In light of cromatics stepping up and getting the Druid, Hunter, Paladin, and Warrior talent trees done I decided to go ahead and add them as version 3.6.2. Also included in this release is the fixed issue with non-English default languages and Glyph names. The talent breakdowns should now work for all classes. This isn't really a big release, so you can upgrade by following the instructions below. My apologies for the numerous releases today, but I am still working out the kinks of the talent section. Things should now be working properly, and won't require as many bug fixes (I hope).


  • Added Druid talent tree breakdown.
  • Added Hunter talent tree breakdown.
  • Added Paladin talent tree breakdown.
  • Added Warrior talent tree breakdown.
  • Fixed glyph issue when English is not the default language. Will now query Wowhead for the ID and then use the ID to get the proper name in the default language.


In order to update to version 3.6.2, simply overwrite the files listed below and clear your cache. All file locations are relative to the wowhead directory.

  • ./recruit.php
  • ./includes/talents/druid.php
  • ./includes/talents/hunter.php
  • ./includes/talents/paladin.php
  • ./includes/talents/warrior.php

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