Version 4.0-beta2 Released!

Tonight marks the release of version 4.0-beta2. The primary reason for this release is to fix the recent changes that came to Wowhead's URL syntax (they removed the "?" from the URL). Also included in this release is a fix for those of you that have encountered problems with the installation script errantly adding slashes ("\") to the contents of config.php. This is not actually the fault of the installation script, but rather the configuration of your PHP installation. Your host most likely has magic_quotes_gpc enabled, which is ridiculous considering that setting has been deprecated in later versions. But I digress...To upgrade simply overwrite ./includes/wowhead.php and ./install/index.php and then rerun the installation script, if you were unable to install the script using beta 1.

Download: Here
Support: Support Forums (Preferred) or E-Mail Me (Last Resort)

Finally, I wanted to mention that I have begun putting together a Wiki which will be the new home for the documentation regarding the script. There still are quite a few pages that I need to write, but I am making progress. All of the installation instructions have been successfully migrated over and I am currently working on the documentation for each module. Stay tuned and I hope to have it all up and running before too long.

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