Version 3.6 Beta 10 Released!

November 25th, 2009 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Beta 10 of version 3.6 has been released! This will be the last beta release of the 3.6 series, I think the kinks have been worked out enough to call it stable, so the next release will be 3.6.1. I was intending on the holding the release until I was able to finish the Druid, Warrior, and Paladin talent trees, but with all of the recent bug fixes I wanted to get them out there so the script will perform as intended.


  • Fixed armory_gearlist.html with the improper anchor tag formatting.
  • Fixed recruit.php not always reporting WOTLK factions for certain characters.
  • Fixed var_dump() call from wowhead_item.php when I was working on the gearlist display.
  • Fixed gems and enchant display in the item tooltips.
  • Fixed incorrect call to the language packs in wowhead_itemset.php.
  • As per a wonderful suggestion craftable display is now done similar to gearlist where there is a link to toggle the mats.
  • Profession recipes are now properly searched for by the spell module.


Since this is a full release I am going to recommend that you completely remove the old version and install the newest version. You MUST run create_table.php as a MySQL table was added for the talent tree spells. The config file (config.php) has changed to account for the new MySQL table, so you must reedit it.


I was not planning on releasing version beta 10 until the druid, warrior, and paladin talent trees were done, but with all of the recent bug fixes I wanted to get it released so people could get it working as intended. Therefore, DO NOT attempt to use the talents portion of the recruit module for Druids, Paladins, or Warriors. It will not work and most likely will cause an error. Do not post about it not working on the forums, I am well aware of it and will get them released as soon as I can. Any threads related to this warning will be ignored and locked. Thanks!

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