Version 3.6 Beta 6 Released!

November 11th, 2009 | Tags: , , , , , ,
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The time has come to release version 3.6 beta 6 of the script. This release adds the recruit tag that I'm sure you've seen me talk about if you follow me on Twitter. The recruit module will display an armory link exactly like the armory module, but will have a link that will show a select which will let you choose to see the character's gearlist, raid progression (via achievements), or reputation (WOTLK factions, only).

What is this for?

The idea behind this module is for guilds who are recruiting new members. Rather than the recruit provide an armory link they can simply use these tags and it will display most of the information the guild officers would need to make a preliminary judgment on the perspective recruit. If you feel like there is more information that should be displayed, please e-mail me.


[recruit]{character name}[/recruit]

Accepted Parameters

The only accepted parameter is loc, usage is exactly the same as the armory and guild tags.


Recruit gearlist demo.

Recruit gearlist demo.

Recruit raid progression demo.

Recruit raid progression demo.

Recruit reputation demo.

Recruit reputation demo.


As always you can download beta 6 from the downloads page.

Report a Bug

You can report bugs or submit questions/comments by e-mailing me or use the bug tracker (preferred).

Special Notes

  • Due to how the module was programmed you can only have ONE of these on a given page.
  • When installing this version you must overwrite all of the files, including config.php.
  • For this version I recommend doing a fresh install.

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